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Formally Death are an American Deathcore band from Fort Wayne, Indiana.
The band is writing their first full length album called "A Decaying World"

Vocalist Dylan Shrock got the name Formally Death from one of his ex-girlfriends named Jasmin Fey in 2009. And Danielle Parkerson joined in 2009-2010.
Dylan met Andrew VerHey in middle school and Darren Polk in High School. In 2016 Vocalist Dylan Shrock got pissed off and kicked out Shanel Dawn McElwain. And now hates her.

Formally Death's lyrics are all based around heartbreak and self-harm while all the albums by the band collectively reference lyrics that concern depression, betrayal, hopelessness among themes that also cover anger and hatred.

I write about how i see the world turning. And the depression i feel inside.

Formally Death formed the same year | Vocalist | Dylan Shrock lost his mother "Victoria Kay Shrock" on February 21, 2009.


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